Chase the Cheese Slots

Did you grow up watching those old Tom and Jerry cartoons, and were you always rooting for Jerry to take all the delicious foods he was after? Oftentimes, Tom, the cat, got in the way of Jerry's food-nibbling plans, and there was nothing you could do about it.

Luckily though, you do have control of a mouse getting its beloved cheddar when you play the game Chase the Cheese Slots from casino software developer Betsoft Gaming. Read more about this fun and rewarding reel spinner in the slot machine review below.

You Get to Play a Very Cheesy Slot Machine Game

Chase the Cheese Slots is a fun and lighthearted game that puts a smile on every slot machine-playing enthusiast who loves to munch the golden cheddar and aims to put it in his or her casino bankroll account as well.

If you count yourself among those fine people, you will love the theme and setting of this slot. Next to the reel, it shows you the opening of a hole in the wall with a mouse sticking its head out of it. Then on the reel grid sitting on the right side of the screen, you see themed symbols like the mouse trap, the cheese, and, again, the mouse.

With a view of the Chase the Cheese Slots reel spinning setting now established, let's move on to the second part of this review, which talks about how you can make non-feature wins with this game.

How to Make Non-feature Wins in This Game

The way to make non-feature wins in this game is straightforward. At your disposal is a four-by-four game grid on which you get to spin the already mentioned non-feature attributes, plus others like the cherries, the magic wand with the hat, and the red seven. Those symbols need to form combinations for them to trigger wins. Depending on the symbol, combinations need to range from two to four icons, with the four-piece identical symbol combinations rewarding the highest prizes. Furthermore, to actually receive your rewards, note that combinations also need to align with any of the nine active bet lines crossing the reel grid.

With the non-feature play setup now established, it is time to discuss the best part of this review, which is the description of the slot's tasty bonus features.

Bonus Win Are the Most Delicious to Indulge In

In terms of Chase the Cheese Slots bonus features, this game gives you four options to pursue. The first one is the wild logo, with which you can replace all other icons of the game and, by doing so, create more winning combinations.

The second bonus perk is a progressive jackpot that you can win by landing four jackpot items on the reel grid during a spin while playing with a maximum bet. Remember to always keep an eye on the progressive jackpot meter on the main screen, as it will show the current value of the jackpot prize, which is a value that grows over time until it reaches its maximum amount.

The third and last bonus-grabbing option to discuss is the game's bonus round, which you can trigger by spinning the "Chase The Cheese" logo on the reel grid in a quantity of four. The bonus round works like an actual game, as it lets you guide a mouse toward the cheese in the house. Be aware, though, as there will be all sorts of scary and pesky obstacles along the way, including the cat, the spider, and even the hazardous munch party spoiling mousetrap. Also, you only have a limited amount of chasing time to catch that much-desired cheese. However, the journey is worth it because if you succeed and collect all the cheddar in a level, you receive a bonus reward.

Start Your Cheese-Fueled Reel Spinning Mouse Party

Do you now feel highly informed about the joy-inducing virtual fruit machine Chase the Cheese Slots? Then you can start playing it successfully and with the highest levels of digital gambler satisfaction. We suggest you find your way to the most player-friendly casinos operating on the world wide web so you can begin to enjoy your cheese-fueled reel-spinning experiences all the way to the bank (or should we say the mousehole).