Mad Scientist Slots

When a mad scientist is involved in the slot machine win-making process, you can be sure of the fact that he is going to do some experiments that will catch your attention. Thus, do not skip a visit to his lab in Mad Scientist Slots. That is, if you can appreciate the mastermind's eccentric personality and the many strange tools and liquids that he is using to come to a breakthrough and Eureka moment in the science of reel spinning.

However, please note that the kooky mastermind does like it when you come prepared, so study his slot in this review before moving on from the theoretical to the applied side of slot reel spinning science.

A Tour Around the Lab of Mad Scientist Slots

So we've established that you are going to make your reel spins in the lab of a mad scientist when you play this slot. However, we bet you are curious about what such an experience will actually look like. Let's, therefore, give you a written tour around the lab so you can get a better understanding of what awaits you when you eventually enter it.

On a table in front of the reel grid, you see a couple of liquid-filled beakers and bottles and a machine that all act as your control mechanisms for the reel-spinning experiments you are going to conduct in this game.

The scientist himself greets you from behind that table. And then there is the giant reel screen behind him that depicts all sorts of strange scientific appliances, including the leaver, the microscope, the backboard with the formula for creating gold written on it, and the test tubes with a golden liquid inside of them. Those items and others will be your tools to create golden wins, and we tell you more about how to use them in the next paragraph.

Experiment With Combining Reel Icons to Create Precious Golden Wins

How fun is it that you get to experiment with combining symbol combinations on this slot's five-by-three reel grid to see if you can create wins? And you don't have to make difficult calculations and come up with complex formulas to start conducting those Mad Scientist Slots experiments. All you need to do is hit the play button and put the reels in motion to see what symbols and combinations pop up.

The win-triggering combos in this game need to be non-feature symbol alignments of at least three and a maximum of five. Furthermore, besides these non-feature symbol combination win opportunities, the game also lets you benefit from various bonus perks.

Make the Most Spectacular Wins With This Game's Bonus Play Elements

Mad Scientist Slots has a juicy bonus package that consists of four different symbols and feature elements. Firstly, there is the scatter test tubes symbol that triggers a second screen bonus round. And then there are the scatter pays rewarding switch, the instant wins rewarding bio pick me bonus feature connected to the nuclear sign, and the Wild'o'Cution feature connected to the electrical machine logo that turns symbols into wilds.

To see more detailed descriptions of these features as well as other elements of the game, we advise opening up its paytable section on your screen while you are playing so you can read the information.

It Is Now Time for Science and Reel Spinning Fun

Now that you know a lot more about the casino slot machine game Mad Scientist Slots, you can confidently start playing it at Betsoft Gaming casino establishments on the net that have it available for you in their lobbies. So don't wait to take part in the most fun and rewarding science experiments imaginable.