Jumbo Joker Slots

The jester has always been an iconic symbol in medieval history, superhero stories, and the card game world, but it has also found its way into the themes of slot machines. One such slot that centers around the colorful and funny jester figure is Jumbo Joker Slots from software developer Betsoft Gaming. In this slot machine article, you are going to learn more about that game so you can confidently determine if it is worth spending your staking credits and time on while using casino websites.

Have Fun and Gains in a Classic Game Inspired Setting

Jumbo Joker Slots will put a smile on your face because when there is a joker present, there is always an element of clownish fun involved, and when it comes to gambling, gains as well. It won't be hard to spot the smiling, colorful clown in this game because he pops up at various places on the screen surrounding the reel grids and also on the reel grids themselves.

Besides the jester element being present, note that this game has a classic fruit machine style with an innovative twist. Like in an old-school reel spinner, you have only access to a limited main game grid consisting of three reels on which you can spin familiar-looking icons like the cherries, the lemon, and the bell. The innovative twist to this classic reel spinner setting is what we will talk about next in the paragraph below.

Up Your Gains via Mystery Wins, a Jumbo Meter, and a Second Reel Grid

While playing Jumbo Joker Slots, you can make regular wins but also boost your payouts, and the way to do that is by going after mystery wins in the slot machine's jumbo meter mode setting.

The slot launches that jumbo meter gameplay mode when you make a minimum win of 20 credits on the main reel grid sitting at the bottom of the screen. So the game transfers those wins to the jumbo meter, and then you have the choice to claim those gains right away or put them to work on the second available reel grid that sits right above the main one. By playing in that second reel grid, you have the opportunity to place higher stakes and earn more significant prizes.

Betsoft Gaming Casinos Let You Enjoy This Slot in Multiple Ways

There are multiple ways in which you will be able to enjoy spinning the reels of Jumbo Joker Slots, and which ways those are all depends on the casino platform you pick for playing this slot game. However, know that that casino always needs to be one that offers Betsoft Gaming entertainment software because that company is, after all, the developer of this particular slot title.

Your available playstyle options are as follows. Real money play will, of course, give you the highest trills and the most pleasing wins because they will be wins you can actually bank on. Then, there is also free play, which is convenient in case you want to test the game and its features before putting your money into it.

Furthermore, there are additional Jumbo Joker Slots playstyle options that make it convenient for you to spin the reels of this game on your mobile device or desktop computer and in your browser screen or via downloadable software.

Remember, though, no matter which of those mentioned options you choose, know that the game will give you the same high levels of fun and, of course, win opportunities as well, so we can strongly encourage you to start playing it at your favorite Betsoft Gaming internet casino platform today.