Fa Fa Twins Slots

The slot machine developer Betsoft Gaming has many games in its portfolio, and one of them is the unique, Chinese sisters-centered Fa Fa Twins Slots. We suggest playing this game online but also reading about it here first so you can make the most of your plays in a knowledgeable way.

Meet the Two Adorable Twin Sisters Who Are Your In-Game Hosts

In Fa Fa Twins Slots, it is all about two adorable and identical-looking little sisters in a Chinese-themed setting. Each twin flanks a side of the reel grid, accompanying you while you spin themed icons like the golden Koi fish, the maneki-neko (beckoning cat), the lantern, and the lotus flower on the reel grid.

Make a Winning Start With the Game's Non-feature Symbols

Before we tell you about the bonus play elements of this slot, we will first inform you about the available non-feature icons. And don't worry because they might not be bonus-rewarding symbols, but they are still able to reward you handsomely when you make the right moves with them on the reel grid. Such moves consist of spinning them into combinations of at least three and at max five on the reel grid.

The non-feature icons of this game include the above-mentioned attributes, but also the twins themselves, who provide the top non-feature pay reward, and the lower paying, non-themed card game symbol filler icons.

Lastly, note that winning Fa Fa Twins Slots combos also need to align with pay lines to reward their wins, but also note that that won't be hard to do in this slot title since it works with a favorable 242 ways to win gameplay term. With that being said, now let's move on to the bonus play elements of this slot machine game.

Increase or Even Double Your Profits via Bonus Play Elements

The Fa Fa Twins Slots bonus perks will make you excited because they can be so beneficial to your reel-spinning plays. First, let's start with the innovative dual reel functionality of this slot. Although this functionality is already in play at the start of your regular spins, it can increase in power and thus let you make better wins as well. In line with the game's win theme, at the beginning of every spin, a minimum of two adjacent slot reels will look identical, but that can spread to three, four, or even five reels. Give the reels a closer look the first time you hit the play button of this game to inspect how it works.

The second bankroll-boosting feature this slot machine has is its wild game logo. With that wild symbol, you can replace other attributes in combinations and thus trigger more wins. The wild lands on slot reels two, three, four, and five during your plays.

The third and final bonus play element we want to bring to your attention is the double up game feature. This feature is common in Betsoft Gaming slots. It gives you the opportunity to undertake coin flip heads or tails bets after every win that you make in an effort to increase your gains. Depending on your gambling luck, you can double your wins but note that you can also lose them if the coin doesn't flip in your favor.

It's Time to Meet the Twins and Make Slot Machine Wins

The twins and wins welcome you on the reels of Fa Fa Twins Slots, so don't let them wait and head over to this game right away at Betsoft Gaming-powered casino websites that have it on offer in various playstyle modes, including real money play mode, demo play mode, and mobile play mode.